Looking for photography locations when planning a family photo shoot can be quite overwhelming. There are so many things to consider - parking, accessibility and most importantly the beauty factor. Don't worry, I've got you covered.

As a family photographer I shot many beautiful family sessions in quite a few locations around Kent. Here are my top 5 most favourite spots:

Camber Sands

With its vast sandy beaches and gorgeous grassy dunes, Camber Sands is an amazing location to use for your family photo session. Kids love it and there are lots of parking spaces available.

Couple kissing on the beach, Kent family photographer
Expectant couple looking lovingly at their dog on the Camber Sands beach at sunset, Kent family photographer
Couple looking at each other on the beach, Kent family photographer
Couple kissing on the beach, Kent family photographer

Oare Marshers Nature Reserve, Faversham

Oare Marshers is on the list of my dream location for a reason: it offers a beautiful poetic vibe to the photos by being such a unique looking place. During mid-October you can watch the murmuration of starlings, an amazingly beautiful phenomenon.

An important thing to consider is checking the tide times, as at low tide it's not the best looking.

family at sunset in Oare Marshers, kent
Family with dog at sunset in Oare Marshers, Kent
Boy running in Oare Marshers, Kent
Starling Murmuration in Oare Marshers, Kent

Ranscombe Farm Nature Reserve

This location looks beautiful during summer time, when poppies and other wild flowers are in bloom.

There is limited parking space available, but the parking is free of charge.

parents lifting baby up in a wildflower field, Kent family photographer
mother with son in poppy field, Ranscombe Farm, kent
Mother hugging son, Ranscombe Farm, Kent
Mother and her two boys walking in a wild flower field, Kent family photographer

Botany Bay, Broadstairs

Another beautiful sea-side location with gorgeous white cliffs. Free parking available very close to the beach.

expectant couple standing on a beach in Botany Bay, kent family photographer
Pregnant woman posing at sunset in Botany Bay, Kent family photographer
Couple dancing in Botany Bay, Kent family Photographer
A family playing on the beach during a photo session with Forever  Ours Photography in Botany Bay, Kent, UK

Leybourne Lakes Country Park, Aylesford

This location is so overlooked by photographers, but is gorgeous in summer and autumn. It has so many nice spots for pictures and I just love shooting there.

Plenty of parking space available and a café to have a drink after the session :)

A mother breastfeeding her daughter during her photo session with Forever Ours Photography in Leybourne Lakes, Kent, UK
Mother holding daughter in Leybourne Lakes Country Park, Kent
Mother looking at daughter in Leybourne Lakes, Kent
A mother with her daughter watching a swan on the lake during a photo session with Forever Ours Photography in Kent, UK